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Book Review - Goodnight Lady by Martina Cole

Goodnight Lady is one of my all time favourite books. I have read it time and time again. I actually borrowed the book from my nan when I was in my teens because I wanted some more grown up to read. I don’t think I could have chosen a more grown up book if I tried.
Goodnight Lady was written by Martina Cole and published in 1994. It is based in London and follows the story of Briony Cavanagh. We follow her from a very poor childhood and being sold for sex by her dad to one of the most feared and loved madams in the east end. Once I started reading Goodnight Lady I couldn’t put it down. It is a gritty novel that includes violence and gangsters in the thirties through to the fifties. The characters are really thought out and I do love a string female lead especially as she is a businesswoman who is in the industry of prostitution.
 I do feel that we go on a journey through Briony’s life and we feel everything she is feeling. We meet Tommy Lane, Brionys partner and one true love who hel…

Nail Polish Review

Recently I have been trying to find the perfect nail polish. I have always been a follower of Rimmel but with so many types of polish (gel, matt) and colours and prices, I thought I’d do a little review of the polishes I’ve recently tried.
First is Barry M matte Nail Polish in 02 Crush from Superdrug at £3.99.

I didn’t know what to expect, I didn’t really understand the matt looking effect, I thought that was just another term used to say how the polish applies to the nail. When I put the first coat on it looked really good, it had a nice even distribution but it would defiantly need two coats. I was amazed at how fast it dried by the time I had finished my last nail I could go straight into painted the next coat. The polish lasted 2 days before the first chip appeared but overall it held on really well.
Next polish I bought was Avon Gel Shine in shade Red Velvet.

This was one of the cheapest polishes I bought (it was on sale – 7.00 down to 2.50). I was really excited to try a gel pol…

My Notebook Collection

For years I have been obsessed with notebooks and pens and anything stationary related. There are some lovely journals/ notebooks out there and, if you are like me, buying just one notebook is not enough. So I thought I’d share all my recent notebook purchases.

First we have this adorable set of 3 small notebooks from next for £4.99. They only measure 10cm wide and are thinly ruled. I always have one of these in my handbag just in case. I think these were last season so I’ll have to check out if next has brought out a new design to add to my collection.

House of Hackney Set of 3 Notebooks – Okay I am missing a notebook which I left on the train (I hope somebody is enjoying my shopping list) these were £16 from House of Hackney website. I love the design of these notebooks. It’s really fun and so different to anything I’ve seen before. It reminds me of the 1920’s art deco scene. Also just looking on their website you can get fabric in this design, it would look amazing as cushions.


Why I Love Rupaul Drag Race

As a twenty six year old woman people are often confused when I say my favourite T.V. show is Rupauls drag race. Just the other day my friend said she had to Google what it was because she thought I was talking about a car show. However,  after watching a few episodes she was hooked. And what is there not to love? It has everything a good T.V. show needs, over the top colourful costumes, dramatic personalities and catching punch lines ( the amount of times I’ve found myself saying ‘Yasss qween’ and greeted by confused faces). There is also soul in the show, we learn about some of the queens heart breaking back stories about being an outcast and being rejected by friends and family – it can get very upsetting.
Then we have the judges panel, in the first few season there was Santino Rice, who was previously on Project Runway and Merle Ginberg who was replace by Michelle Visage who is the big boobed judge with a heart of gold. There is also Ross Mathews and Carson Kressley that add humou…