Why I love my fake plants

For years I had a plant on my windowsill. I honestly don’t even know what sort of plant it was because it would bloom and look so lovely then resort back to it’s half alive state. I think this is because I usually forgot to water it and then I’d give it so much water thinking it would make up for the neglect (yeah, common sense isn’t one of my strongest traits). After year of this poor plant being on the brink of death I finally gave it and let my mum look after it. (it’s thriving now).
  In the meantime I wanted something to fill the gap and my mum suggested buying artificial plant. At first I wasn’t really interested because I thought it would look obvious and it would look slightly lazy of me (like a half dead plant looks less lazy somehow).
I ordered these 3 succulents from Next (£18) and they are perfect. You really couldn’t tell that they were artificial unless you were really looking at them.

Then I ordered these roses bunch from Marks and Spencer’s (£25). I find they add a bit of elegance and chic to the room. I added the skull candle because I thought it added a bit of character. (Zara home £15.99)

My mum and myself have become slightly obsessed so we also have a bit pot of fake lavender outside as well as two big trees and another boutique in the hallway.

  My only recommendation when buying artificial plants is to buy the slightly more expensive ones because I did a lot of looking around at shops and garden centers and the cheaper plants I found aren’t always the best quality, they look almost too green and too perfect. Place like next, M&S and House of Fraser have an amazing selection and are usually in the £20 – £30 price range.

I’m sure in the coming months ill be writing another post about artificial plants as my house is slowly being taken over by them.

Thank you for reading J


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