The Anti – Bucket List

Through the years I’ve always written down little things I would like to achieve, like get married, buy a house, get revenge on all those that have wronged me – you know, little things. Then the other day I saw someone get pulled over on the motorway and thought ‘ I would hate that to happen to me’ then I started to think of all the things I would like to do or happen to me. I came up with a list of 10 things I wouldn’t like to achieve in my lifetime – so here is my anti bucket list (after writing this I wasn’t aware this is already a thing, I really thought I was being clever lol)

1.     Get arrested – I don’t think anyone wants to be arrested.
2.     Be on Jeremy Kyle or a Jerry Springer type show – I’ll keep my dirty laundry to myself.
3.     Go back to secondary school – Honesty the hardest time in my life.
4.     Get lost in a different country – Adventure can be fun but this one scares me
5.     Go on a romantic date at Pizza hut – Odd one but with the screaming children and rude waiters it’s an experience I wouldn’t like to re- live.
6.     Lose my sense of humour – the one decent trait about me
7.     Go on an extreme diet – tried so many extreme diets and end up feeling worst than when I started. I’ll stick to running and healthy eating.
8.     Go to a party island – Not my sort of scene.
9.     Move to a different city just to be with someone/make them happy – If you are gong to move, make sure 100% this is what you want. For me, it didn’t end well.
10. Deep sea diving – kind of random but the thought of being so deep under water scare the life out of me.

Honorable Mentions

1.     Reliving my back pain – once was quite enough
2.     Living at home forever – as much as I love my parents a girl needs some space.

Let me know what is on your anti bucket list.

Thank you for reading. J


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