I always remember thinking of Olay as being a slightly old fashioned product ( a bit like old spice). I remember seeing those ads on TV. about anti – wrinkle and rejuvenating and thinking when I’m older I’m going to probably buy all that stuff. However since then I have become slightly obsessed.

So recently I went on a splurge at Wilkos (they have a large range and excellent prices) so here is what I bought.

Everyday Sunshine Tinted Moisturiser cream and sunless tanner glow – spf 15 in light.

 I honestly swear by this, I put this on every evening before bed and it gives me a slight tan, just enough so I don’t look ghostly pale. The texture is really creamy but light.

Double Action Day Cream & Primer

I wasn’t too sure what to think of this product to begin with. I didn’t know if Olay did make up ranges but I risked it and it paid off. It really makes a difference,  I feel my make goes on much smoother and it doesn’t feel blotchy in any way. The primer is light and gentle with a nice pleasant fragrant.

Daily Facial Wipes

I use these wipes to deep clean my face and neck. They need to be wetted first then it gets a rich creamy lather. It is perfect for sensitive skin. It removes all make up and leaves the skin feeling very soft and fresh.

Honerable mention

 I honestly didn’t know the CC cream called Eye Rehab by Covergirl, I used was mixed with Olay. I bought it on holiday years ago just because I needed a new one and have used it every single day since – as you can see. It is so fuss free and applies amazingly to my skin and gives great coverage.

So there we are, I hope I didn’t gush about Olay too much. I just think I’m in shock that I thought these ‘old fashioned’ would be heavy and gloopy but are a real necessity.

Thank you for reading J


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