Motivational Quotes

I feel like I’m not the only person who does this when struggling to get motivated or having a crisis of confidence, to go on to pinterest or Google and type in ‘motivation’ or ‘inspiration’ and so many picture and quotes come up. Here are a few of them that has stuck in my mind and I feel really has made a difference in my life and my approach and attitude toward things in life.

Feel the fear and do it anyway

This is my favourite. I found this quote when I was about 20 and really struggling with my confidence. I’m a naturally shy person and I was missing out on so much because I was worried my shyness would come across as rudeness and people wouldn’t like me.
 What I really like about this quote is that it pushes you. Even when you are nervous you just need to go for it and think about it later. These words have been the reason why I started to speak up more and stood my ground. It comes from the book ‘Feel the fear and do it anyway’ by Susan J Jeffers – I really good read, I really recommend this book .

Always keep your love life, bank account and next move private.

 This is a quote I say to myself when I’m tempted to tell people what my plans are even if I haven’t properly thought them through. I’m someone who shares much more than what is needed to know and I find it puts pressure on yourself to succeed. Let people see the result from your hard work – they don’t need you telling them what you are capable of.

If you can dream it, you can do it

This is a quote from Walt Disney. I often find myself throughout the day saying this quote to myself. I usually think well if they can do it  why can’t i? If you have thought something through and you’ve thought about it enough why not do it and make a change.

And lastly is simply

 You got this girl

This was at the top of my pinterest when I was really nervous about starting a new job. I feel this is great motivational words – as if nothing is standing in your way.

I hope you liked this quotes and maybe helped in someway.

Thank you for reading J


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