Childish Things we should stop doing but don’t want to

I’m sure we have all been there when you’ve gone to express your love of something and been greeted with the response ‘ugh! How old are you?’ and you suddenly remember you’re not 10 anymore and should probably start acting your age.
  I say never!!!
 Here are 9 things I can think of that I will always enjoy no matter what age I am.

1.     Watch Scooby Doo – The film or the cartoon, they’re both amazing
2.     Eat Lunchables – Even though the cheese and crackers look like plastic, they are insanely delicious plastic
3.     Put Smarties in order of colour – How else am I to know which colour smarties to eat next
4.     Play Pokémon Go – I only played this game a few time and I will be doing it again
5.     Watching Pirates of the Caribbean – Okay, so this isn’t technically childish because I’m watching it for Jonny Deep but it’s still entertaining
6.     Giggle when somebody say something that could be an innuendo – gee! that is a big package you got
7.     Swing as fast and as high as you can – you need a little thrill now and then
8.     Play with lego – Never gets old
9.     Stepping on the cracks – I’m not breaking my back anytime soon

And a few things I feared as a child and still do today.

1.     Monster in my closet –Monsters Inc didn’t help with that
2.     If I cross my eyes they will stay like that forever – I still believe that is true

I hoped you enjoyed these childish things that I’m sure we all still do.

Thank you for reading J


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