Book Review – Watch Me by James Carol

Watch me by James Carol is the next installment of the Jefferson Winters series. After reading Broken Dolls, James Carol first book, I was so excited to read this one and it did not disappoint.

  This time the story is set in Eagle Creek, Louisiana. Sam Galloway, who is a successful and wealthy lawyer, is set alight and a countdown begins until the next victim is murdered. The sheriff has called in Winters to help track the killer. In the book we are introduced to Taylor, who is new to the police and who Jefferson wanted to work with as Taylor is a bit of an outcast but a really likable character. I feel that having Taylor as one of the main characters really helped to keep the story lighter. It didn’t feel as intense as Broken Dolls. There is also little bits of humour this time around, albeit dark humour. I felt it made it a more enjoyable read.

 My few only criticisms are that it didn’t build suspense and keep it. It would start of well then fizzled out so quickly.
Another point was that the ending happened very quick. It was almost like we didn’t get a chance to fully understand who the killer was and what their intension was.

    Overall I did enjoy that this book wasn’t too intense and was nowhere near as gruesome as Carols last book and I did appreciate that there was humour and we could take a breather from the main story with little side stories about Taylor and his past.

  I’ve just finished downloading book 3 in the series – I can’t wait to start reading.

Thank you for readingJ


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